More and more people are recognizing the benefits of making the switch to photovoltaic (PV) solar power. They recognize its ability to save them money and lessen their impact on the environment. But going solar is a big change and a substantial investment.

How do you choose the right installer and the right solar equipment for your energy requirements? SunPower, the leader in solar equipment manufacturing has a network of dealers who receive specialized training to install SunPower® panels. Trusting Solar is a Master dealer recognized by the company for its expertise.

We know that when you decide to go solar there are questions you should ask to ensure that you select the right solar company. Here are some questions to guide your process:

Do you know someone who has already installed solar? They can tell you a lot about what they’ve learned and if they recommend their company.

Where can you get other recommendations? Homeowners can find helpful reviews online. SolarReviews.com is one of many great sources to use.

What is a solar installer’s track record? Experience is key when it comes to installations.

• How many local installations has this company done?

• Are they familiar with the regional laws and policies on making the switch to solar?

• Will they do the work themselves, or will it be done by subcontractors?

• What are their quality control practices? Are they licensed and bonded?

• Do they assist with permitting, and attaining the tax credits and other incentives?

• Ask questions about the crew’s experience. You want the most professional team of designers, electricians and installers to be sure your system is right for your needs.

When you choose a Trusting Solar, you’ll find all of these questions will be answered for you.

Some financial questions

There are a number of ways to pay for a home PV solar system, and there is more to consider than the sticker price. When you are working with Trusting Solar, we will help to provide the right financial solutions. These questions will help:

What are the financing options? There are options: purchase, loan, or lease. Trusting Solar will help you weigh which one is best.

Are my savings worth the cost of the system? Work with us to find the system that meets your energy needs and determine the right price for your home. And remember that solar adds value to your home when it comes time to sell.

What kind of warranty does the system have? Find out what the warranty covers and for how long – both from the installer and from the solar panel maker. SunPower offers a best-in-industry 25-year Power and Product Warranty for home use. And when your entire system is built with parts by one company like SunPower’s Equinox platform, there is just one warranty — not numerous — for everything.

What is the process?

While the actual installation takes only a few days, there is a lot of up-front work that goes into a seamless process. Trusting Solar will handle applications, permitting, rooftop surveys and dealing with the utility company.

When the work is complete, your Precis project manager will arrange for the utility inspection that grants permission to operate. Then the benefits of solar power begin.