How It Works

Every commercial system and installation is unique. The size of your commercial system will be determined by the roof, canopy or land space that is available for panels, your electricity needs, and your financial goals. Because of the variations in the engineering and installation of systems, there are potentially numerous components used. The equipment used for a pitched roof is different than for a ballasted installation on a flat roof. Additional structures and cabling are required for both ground installations and canopy/carports.

Commercial solar systems require a number of components including:  the panels, an inverter power station, individual systems for cable management, mechanical mounting, and energy monitoring. The costs of a commercial system depends on the selection of the manufacturer, type, and quality of all components. Energy Plus Solar will keep your energy goals in mind and will consult with you to give you recommendations for the best combinations.

We will help you identify the best location for panels — on your roof, over your parking lots, or on vacant land.

Roof-mounted solar panels
Solar canopies in a company parking lot
Ground mount for solar properties